A tight squeeze for Gallito Ltd…

Gallito Ltd, a spray booth manufacturer based in Wetherby, approached MBA Transport following the decision to reposition its two-tonne press.

The machine was located in the company’s workshop, which has low ceilings, meaning the move had to be carried out taking height restrictions into consideration – limiting MBA Transport’s options.

After sending a team to review the space, MBA Transport decided the best approach for the job would be using two fork lift trucks to hold the machine at an angle, making it easier to manoeuvre around the facility. The press could then be relocated into its new position across the workshop without disrupting any other equipment or racking.

With so many other machines within the space, the repositioning was incredibly tight, but the project was carried out successfully and the machine was moved with no problems.

The relocation was performed so efficiently that Gallito Ltd was able to start up production again the very next day, experiencing no down time during the machine move process.